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America's Favorite Online Prize Wheel Solution.


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We are America's favorite online prize wheel solution for Retail Showrooms and Special Events.



Our Unique Story - How our company was formed.

Marketing Certified is a leader in the online education space and we had invented the wheel for use at school fairs and other educational events. Many of our students who either ran their own businesses or were working as marketing executives had asked us to create a similar wheel for their own companies. And before you know it, Spin2Win Wheels was born.

Add Some Excitement to your showroom and events!

Our Online Prize Wheel game is designed to work nonstop for you. The prize wheel comes with free hosting and a wheel manager which allows you to add or remove prize options at any given time. Click Here to Preview the manager. The Online Prize Wheel will help you engage your customers to create some fun and excitement.

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  When it comes to staying competitive, having a team that's made up of people who take pride in their work and are passionate about what they do makes the task of staying competitive easier to achieve. Our staff consider themselves an extension of your business goals and work hard to help you achieve success.
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It’s the combination of anticipation and adrenaline rush that makes spinning the prize wheel so exhilarating, but what is it in the brain that compels us to spin?

Our brains have a series of circuits to cater for this, known as the reward system. These connect with various regions of the brain, including those that produce feelings of pleasure and motivation.

When something good happens – such as receiving a compliment, winning a prize or successfully completing a task, our brains send signals via neurotransmitter chemicals which makes us feel pleasure.

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