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Create an online prize wheel to give away coupon codes, gifts, and prizes to your customers or prospects. This interactive game allows you to showcase your prize wheel in your place of business on a computer or big screen TV. Or you can link to your customized prize wheel from your website in full-screen mode or as a pop-up window. The customer presses the button to spin the wheel and try their luck. It's super easy to set it up; indicate the prizes you want to give in the wheel, customize the game with your logo, and you even have the option of providing coupon codes.

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America's Favorite Online Prize Wheel Solution.


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We are America's favorite online prize wheel solution for Retail Showrooms and Special Events.


People love spinning wheels for prizes and nothing compares to the FUN and EXCITEMENT that our online prize wheel can bring to any in-person experience whether it be at a Retail Location, Kiosk, Trade Show, or Special Event.

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  Easy to Use Wheel Manager - Custom Logo

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  Hosting Included - No installation Required

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  Ad-Free System - No Annoying Ads

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Limited Time Offer!

Purchase your own Ad-Free Digital Prize Wheel for only $250


Click Below to see our online demonstration!wheel-demo

We provide the most affordable Online Prize Wheel for Retail Showrooms & Special Events. Don't miss out on this opportunity.

   Our Spin2Win Wheels Package includes:

  • Annual wheel hosting (1 year license)
  • Custom Wheel Manager
  • Custom Logo
  • Coupon Code option
  • Free 24 hour Support

Our Online Prize Wheel game is designed to work nonstop for you to make it easy for you to distribute coupons or prizes. The online prize wheel comes with free hosting and a wheel manager which allows you to add or remove prize options at any given time. 
The Online Prize Wheel will help you engage your customers to create some fun and excitement.

A little about our company. Marketing Certified is a leader in the online education space and we had invented the wheel for use at school fairs and other educational events. Many of our students who either ran their own businesses or were working as marketing executives had asked us to create a similar wheel for their own companies. And before you know it, Spin2Win Wheels was born.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: To use the Spin2Win Wheel all you need is a PC or MacDesktop or Laptops are both compatible. You can also use tablets or mobile devices for staff that are constantly moving around. Please note that an internet connection is required at all times in order to use the wheel. For Big Screen application you will need to connect your computer or laptop to a big screeen monitor or TV.  You have the option of using a wired or wireless mouse to control the game. Or you can purchase a Spin2Win button from us for only $100 - coming soon!  

For Big Screen application press the F11 key to view in full screen mode.


Customer Reviews


Why Do Prize Wheels work so effectively?


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  "Awesome and very useful!"

Paula Bostwick
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  "I recommend them without    any reservations."

Mary Freeman
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It’s the combination of anticipation and adrenaline rush that makes spinning the prize wheel so exhilarating, but what is it in the brain that compels us to spin?

Our brains have a series of circuits to cater for this, known as the reward system. These connect with various regions of the brain, including those that produce feelings of pleasure and motivation.

When something good happens – such as receiving a compliment, winning a prize or successfully completing a task, our brains send signals via neurotransmitter chemicals which makes us feel pleasure.

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